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The 3 advantages of our E-Learning platform
The 3 advantages of our E-Learning platform
The 3 advantages of our E-Learning platform


Our goal is to provide training that is sustainable. We pay attention not just to ecological aspects and long-term knowledge transfer, but also to your and your employees‘ safety.  

Our E-Learning platform therefore covers:

  • 8 Compulsory training
  • 18 Product use
  • In-depth knowledge for cleaning specialists

The new E-Learning platform makes your training as flexible as you are. You can gain access to the contact anytime and anywhere. Videos on a variety of topics offer extensive training opportunities and questions between the individual sequences reinforce the transfer of knowledge. The display of a participant’s personal progress helps to motivate him or her to achieve learning objectives. Reports and certificates round out the offering.

Level 1: Basic Version

With free registration on the platform you get access for three months to Level 1

  • 3 compulsory training sessions (hazardous materials, hand hygiene, PPE)
  • 1 product usage video (cleaning of a sanitary area)
  • A preview of all 26 courses offered in Level 2, including description of contents
Level 2: Full Version

The paid-for Level 2 offers comprehensive content at a fair price, which is graduated according to the number of authorizations for access.

  • Complete access to all training videos
  • 8 compulsory training sessions
  • 18 videos on product usage and industry know-how
  • In Level 1 you can see all Level 2 content including descriptions
  • Certificate
  • Regular reports on your employees‘ levels of knowledge
Level 3: Individual Version

We offer you your own customized eLearning platform. With your own branding you can use all the eLearning content in Level 2 and also upload your own content to the platform.  Your employees can be completely trained this way. In addition, you can integrate in eLearning your company-specific topics such as data protection, company-compliant appearance, IT security, etc.